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Amarkantak: Potpourri of Spiritualism, Religion and Faith

Known as Teerthraj or the ‘the king of pilgrimage’, Amarkantak was once the home of Gods till its solitude was disturbed by the hindrances of Rudraganas and hence the name Amarkantak whose literal meaning means immortal (amar) obstruction (kantak).  Amarkantak is the origination point of holy river Narmada and Sone. Narmada is describes as the daughter of Lord Shiva. As per the saintly scriptures, river Narmada transcends all other sacred rivers with her strong asset as the daughter of Lord Shiva.
Amarkantak Temple
Yet, despite its name, the place still continues to attract thousands of people - reason being its association with Lord Shiva and as the source of the Holy River of Narmada which is considered even holier than the Ganga River. It is said that while a devotee needs one dip in the Holy Ganga, seven days' prayers on the banks of Yamuna and three days prayers on the banks of Saraswati, the mere sight of Narmada is enough.

According to legend, once a year, the river Ganga dressed as dark woman visits the Narmada takes a purifying dip in its waters when she herself is polluted beyond tolerance. For this reason, Amarkantak is considered as sacred to the Hindus and a door-way to ‘nirwana’. It is believed that who ever dies at Amarkantak is assured of a place in heaven. Also if a lady makes offerings of fruits and flowers will gain the respect of her husband, and no doubt she will also achieve a place in heaven.
Entrance of the temple

Shiv Temple
The holy town of Amarkantak attracts thousands of sages and devotees all through the year and therefore innumerous ashrams or religious retreats have emerged in and around this place. Nature has endowed Amarkantak with its gifts and its beautiful sylvan surroundings, picturesque ponds, cascading waterfalls and wildlife have made it a much sought after destination for the religious-minded as well as for the nature lover. The herbal plants like Brahmi, Kalimusli, Tejraj, Safemusli which increases the medicinal importance of this place as well.

Narmada kund and temples, Mai ki Bagiya, Sonmuda, Bhrigumandal, Kabir Chabutra, Ganesh temple(Bairagarh), Jwaleswar Mahadev temple are some of the religious places, Kapildhara, Dudhdhara, Shabhudhara, and Durgadhara are some of the beautiful waterfalls in Amarkantak.


Amarkantak tours mesmerized oneself with air of serenity. Along with its sanctified ponds, glittering streams, snotty knools and the woods such as Mahua and teak woods are all set to enthrall the onlooker. Amarkantak has the pleasent climate. The lush green mountains, an astonising waterfalls,the opaque forests, and the pictographic environs makes Amarkantak, a veritable paradise.

How to reach Amarkantak
Amarkantak is 71 Kms. from Anupppur, which is an important railway junction of the South Eastern Central Railway. Amarkantak is at a distance of 320 Kms. from Jabalpur and 265 Kms. from Rewa by road and around 100 Kms. from Shahdol. Jabalpur, Rewa, and Shahdol are all railway stations. The nearest railway station from Amarkantak is Pendra, which is 65 Kms. from Amarkantak. Pendra is in Bilaspur district of Chhatisgarh state. One can also reach Amarkantak by air. There is a permanent helipad at Amarkantak. There is also an airstrip at Lalpur in district Shahdol. One can reach Amarkantak by road. (90 Kms).


  1. superb captures, very well penned.

  2. Wonderful travelogue with some beautiful pictures to go along with it... The place with all its legends and lore sounds so mystical! Would surely love to see it in person someday. Many thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks Manu!!
    @Arti: Thanks for your lovely comment. Its truly an awesome place. Its a must visit place :)


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