Friday, 1 July 2011

Ross & Simth Islands: Tale of Twins Island

In India, there are numerous unexplored places and beaches especially in Andaman Islands. Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a real treat for beach lovers. These islands provide many untouched seashores and one of them is Ross & Simth Island. I was lucky to explore this twin islands in my trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Ross & Smith Island is 30 minutes away via boat journey from Aerial bay jetty or Kalipur water sports centre.

Ross Island Beach
 The greenish blue water and white sands looked amazing from ferry. The view of beach was EXTREMELY mesmerizing!!!  The beach was unexplored, exotic and serene. It was difficult to believe that India has such a beautiful white sand beach. The scenery is beautiful all along and water is crystal clear. It has all the natural ingredients of tropical paradise. There is a lagoon side and a sea side to the beach. The serene environment and the scenic beauty was spell bounding me.

Ross & Simth Island veiw from boat

Simth Island Beach

The unique feature of this twin islands is that they are connected by a sand bridge which is visible only in the low tide. During high tide they get separated by crystal clear sea water. I reached Ross Islands during low tide and I was able to walk across this sand bridge to reach the Smith Island. Ross and Smith, the twin islands joined by a wide range of sand bar is gorgeous spot.

Arial View of Ross & Simth Island
 Below snap is taken from Smith Island as the high tide was setting in. You can see in snap how the waters from both ends cut across the divide, meeting each other eagerly. It was a treat to watch this water merger and how these islands get separated from each other in high tide.

Sand Bar which joines Ross & Simth Island

Its beaches are suitable for swimming, snorkeling and it is surrounded by coral reefs. It was a life time experience to do snorkeling in this beautiful beach. While snorkeling, I could see each reef row seemed to have its own kind of fish to look at the various shapes and the incredible colorations of tropical fish.

Coral Reef
 After enjoying for 5 hours in this picturesque beach, it was the time for me to return but this tropical paradise has surely  stolen my heart at the very first sight. It’s a must- see place for all the beach lovers.

Best time to visit: October to May


  1. Absolutely superb!
    No words to express my disbelief...

    Cant wait to visit Andamans!

  2. Thanks Kishan.

    I will send you all the details regarding A&N Islands through an email.

  3. Thanks a lot Ruchita,

    Will be looking forward to it.

  4. Beautiful, especially the sand bridge that separates the two islands. I have been thinking of going to Anadaman for a year now. I am really missing something.

  5. Hi Ruchita....Your travel-photo essays are superb.I am planning a travel to Andamans this month end. I travel like back packers and hence my travel plans are usually solo or with a friend or two but not in groups. I desperately need your help in getting few tips on Andamans. My email ID is or facebook ID is Abhijeet Kothale. Sorry for the rush, but I need to do bookings so request you to share your mail ID/contact. Take care. And yes, pl surprising world through your wonderful blogs

  6. Hi.
    I agree with you on the beauty of this place and the fact that its not become as touristy as Havelock's Radhanagar beach just adds to the beauty.
    1 correction though. I talked to the local fishermen there and they confirmed that the water flows over the sandbar only on certain days of the year when either the weather is bad or the high tide is really high. You can also guess that by looking at the sand on the sand bar being comparatively dry .
    Enjoi life!

  7. hi ruchita,
    i liked your blog. mind blowing pictures.
    i was planning a trip to andaman next month and was surprised to see that most tour operators do not include mud volcano and baratang caves in their itinerary.. as as local/frequent visitor, do you think it is advisable to go there on my own?


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