Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sajjan Garh: Crowning Rocky Hilllock

We were in a 2 days trip to Udaipur and with so many WOW places in Udaipur, we were forced to chose between the sight seeing spots. We didn’t want to rush through all the spots just to mark them 'seen'. While chosing the sights from the list, our guide suggested us to visit Sajjan Garh at the hill top. Initally we were bit apperehensive to go to the fort as we didn't hear much about it. Guide directed us to see a hilltop where the white marble palace on the hilltop looks like a bejeweled tiara on the hill. Sajjan Garh was visble from all the corners of Udiapur.

So the evening was set aside for the Sajjangarh Palace. All our apperehension started vanishing as we started reaching towards Sajjan Garh fort. We were on a winding road leads up to the hill to the palace. The trip to the palace is absolutely mesmerizing with beautiful dense forest on the sides and a picturesque view of Lake Pichola from the top.
On our way, guide narrated us the history of Sajjan Garh. The palatial residence and magnificent white marble monument was built by Maharaja Sajjan Singh (1874-1884) of the Mewar Dynasty. Maharana Sajjan Singh wished to build a nine storey building, as an astronomical center to keep a watch on the monsoon clouds. Therefore Sajjan Garh is also known as Monsoon Palace but due to untimingly death at the age of 26, the plans were shelved down.This structure was preserved by the kings as a royal shooting fort. Due to it strategic location, at the height of about 3100 feet above sea level and 1100 feet above the lake Fateh Sagar level this fort also served important for security and vigilance of the city.

It took us 30 minutes  to reach Sajjan Garh Fort. Its a a huge palace on one of the highest peaks around, Bansdara Mountain of Aravalli Range, 5 km. west of the city towards Rampura. Dominating the city’s skyline is the monsoon palace of Sajjan Garh. It offers a panoramic overview of the city’s lakes, palaces and the surrounding countryside.From the palace's lofty vantage point, the view of the Aravalli Hills, lakes, forests and rivers beyond the dazzling whitewashed town is breathtaking.

The Palace now stands on  three floor and is built on beautifully carved marble pillars with fine motifs of leaves and flowers.  These marble pillars were carved at the bottom of the peak and then transported to the top with the help of elephants. I was quite amaze to see that this palace had a way to collect rain water for consumption all year around. Unlike the City Palace, the monsoon palace is not being maintained properly, but sitting on one of the walls here, my mind was drifted to ancient times.
The best part of being here is to watch the sun set over the Aravalli moutain ranges. One of the best sunset I have ever seen. The sunset as seen from the castle was a truly mesmerizing sight of unparalleled beauty.

The palace is illuminated at night and from a distance looks like something out of a fairy tale.Every night, the fort gets illuminated , making for a magnificent sight against the picturesque backdrop. I was enjoying every minute of its very eye appealing light decoration.

Some places are etched in your mind forever, and Sajjangarh is one place for me. One of the most beautiful Forts and Palaces in City Udaipur. Mountain top scenic point in Udaipur is a tourist spot to die for. It is a perfect spot to relax while enjoying and romancing the aerial views of the city and watching the sunset. Make sure you make it a point to visit Sajjangarh, whenever you get a chance to visit Udaipur.


  1. Wow! What views from the palace. The night shot, like you said, looks like a place out of a fairytale. Beautiful!


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